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Annick Guénel

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01 49 54 83 26



  • Colonial medicine, circulation and appropriation of Pastorian sciences (Indochina)
  • Public health systems and policies (Vietnam)



  • Veterinary medicine and animal husbandry in colonial Indochina
  • Malaria in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam): history, wars, migrations, health policies, medicines and globalization



  • 2014 - L’itinéraire d’un chirurgien vietnamien. Entre révolution nationale et science internationale, Moussons,No. 24, 143-163 (with Michitake Aso).
  • 2013- The Itinerary of a North Vietnamese Surgeon: Medical Science and Politics during the Cold War, Science, Technology and Society, 18 (3), 291-306 (in collaboration with Michitake Aso).
  • 2012- The Conference on Rural Hygiene in Bandung of 1937: Towards a New Vision of Health Care?, in Laurence Monnais and Harold Cook (eds.) Global Movements, Local Concerns. Medicine and Health in Southeast Asia, Singapore, NUS Press, 2012, pp. 62-80.
  • 2010 -Biosecurity in Time of Avian Influenza in Vietnam, in Tamara Giles-Vernick and Susan Craddock (eds) Influenza and Public Health: Learning from Past Pandemics. London: Earthscan, pp. 239-255 (in collaboration with Sylvia Klingberg).
  • 2010 -Press Coverage of Bird Flu Epidemic in Vietnam, in Liew Kai Khiun (ed.), Liberalizing, Feminizing and Popularizing Health Communications in Asia, Ashgate, pp. 77-92 (in collaboration with Sylvia Klingberg).
  • 2004 -‘L’ennemi c’est le moustique’. Tirailleurs cambodgiens et Pastoriens face au paludisme dans le Haut-Chhlong, Revue Historique des Armées, No. 236, pp. 113-125 (in collaboration with Mathieu Guérin).
  • 2001-Prostitution, maladies vénériennes et médecine coloniale au Viêt-Nam de la conquête française à la guerre d’indépendance, in: John Kleinen (ed.), Vietnamese Society in Transition. The Daily Politics of Change and Reform, Amsterdam: Het Spinhuis, pp. 233-249.
  • 1999- Vietnamese Medical System before and after the Independence War, in Yung Sik Kim and Francesca Bray (eds), Current Perspectives in the History of Science in East Asia, Seoul University Press, 1999, pp. 243-256.
  • 1999- The Creation of the First Overseas Pasteur Institute, or the Beginning of Albert Calmette’s Pastorian Career, Medical History, 43, 1-25.
  • 1997 -Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Vietnam and Cambodia since the French Colonial Period, in Milton Lewis, Scott Bamber, Michael Waugh, (eds.), Sex, Disease, and Society. A Comparative History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS in Asia and Pacific, Wesport, Conn./London: Greenwood Press, pp. 139-153.
  • 1996 -Entre Chine et Occident : Place et rôle de la médecine traditionnelle au Viêt-Nam, in Anne Marie Moulin (ed.), Les Sciences hors d’Occident au XXème siècle. Vol. 4: Médecine et Santé, Paris: ORSTOM Editions, pp. 177-192.
  • 1995 -Lutte contre la variole en Indochine : Variolisation contre vaccination ?, History and Philosophy of Life Sciences, 17, 55-79.

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