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The Man Who Would Not Die ; The Autobiography of an Orokaiva Man

The Man Who Would Not Die ; The Autobiography of an Orokaiva Man

Lucian Vevehypa & André Iteanu
2013, University of Papua New Guinea Press, 74p., 

The Man Who Would Not Die Over the past thirty years, Lucian Vevehupa told me many stories about his life, the past and the present, religion and politics... Every time, I was fascinated that so many things could happen to a man. Of course, all Papua New Guineans of his time went through tremendous undertakings that led them from the encounter with a violent colonial power to the need to fight against gigantic international companies to defend their land and way of life. Retaining this background, Lucian's stories contained, however, other formidable accomplishments as well: he died and was resurrected repeatedly; he established several mission stations and schools in remote places; ...

ISBN : 978-9980879134

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