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Stephen Huard

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Social Anthropologist


Research and Teaching Fellow, Master “Asian Studies”, EHESS-EFEO-EPHE 





·      Political anthropology of local politics: dynamics of headmanship, the making of authority, political uses of the past and transformations of local ethics.

·      Land issues: interaction between land rights, intra-family transmission, politics of belonging and politico-legal authorities, in relation to the history of settlements and contemporary political transformations.

·      General anthropology and history of Myanmar: the Bamar group of central Burma, study of regional history (from the eighteenth century onward).





2014–2019      PhD, Social Anthropology, University of East Anglia, United-Kingdom.

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2012–2014      MRes, Anthropology, History and Sociology, Advanced School for the Social Sciences (EHESS), France.


2011–2012      BA, Anthropology, University of Bordeaux II, France.

2008–2011      BA, Political History, University of Rennes II, France.





2021–              Research and Teaching Fellow, Advanced School for the Social Sciences (EHESS), France.

2020–2021      Land Research Program Manager, Research and Technology Exchange Groupe (GRET), Myanmar

2020–2021      Scientific Advisor, Mekong Region Land Governance (MRLG), Myanmar.

2019–2020      Assistant Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Paris 8 Vincennes-St Denis, France.

2017–2019      Assistant Lecturer in Anthropology of Myanmar, National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations (INALCO), France.

2014–2018      International Researcher, Research and Technology Exchange Groupe (GRET), Myanmar.





Co-edited Special Issue

Bouté, V., Stéphen Huard, Emmanuel Pannier. ‘Non-market transfers in Southeast Asia and beyond. Diversity of exchange and dynamics of social relations’ [in French], Moussons. Recherche en sciences humaines sur l’Asie du Sud-Est, 37:1.


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Huard, Stéphen, 2021. ‘The stakes of transfers : ethnography of embarrassment during a Buddhist initiation ritual in Myanmar’ [in French], Moussons. Recherche en sciences humaines sur l’Asie du Sud-Est, 37:1: 53–77.

Bouté, V., Stéphen Huard, Emmanuel Pannier, 2021. ‘Exploring non-market transfers in South East Asia and beyond’ [in French], Moussons. Recherche en sciences humaines sur l’Asie du Sud-Est, 37:1: 13–26.

Huard, Stéphen, 2020. ‘Nobody owns the land. How inheritance shapes land relations in the central plain of Myanmar’, Journal of Burma Studies 24:1: 79–117.

Huard, Stéphen, 2019. ‘The bigness of the lu-gyi. Village affairs and forms of engagement in the center of Myanmar’ [in French], Péninsule 79:2: 77–105.

Huard, Stéphen, 2018. ‘“Keeping while giving” an inheritance in the center of Myanmar’ [in French], Revue du MAUSS 52: 263–275.

Huard, Stéphen, 2016. ‘A common land in the village? Village-State relationship and moral economy through the biography of a land in the center of Myanmar’ [in French], Natures Sciences Sociétés 24:4: 347–357.


Book Chapter

Huard, Stéphen. 2020. ‘The land issue in Myanmar: The case of land return to original owners in the Ayeyarwady Delta’ [in French], in Aurore Candier (ed.) Birmanie (Myanmar) 2010-2017: Un Pays En Transition?, Paris: Presses de l’INALCO, 41–55.


Co-authored Book (Peer Reviewed)

Boutry, Maxime, Céline Allaverdian, Marie Mellac, Stéphen Huard, U San Thein, Tin Myo Win, and Khin Pyae Sone. 2017. Land Tenure in Rural Lowland Myanmar: from Historical Perspectives to Contemporary Realities in the Dry Zone and the Delta, Of lives of land Myanmar research series. Gret: Yangon.


Single Article in Submission

Huard, Stéphen. ‘Embodying and fashioning headship: A day in the life of a village headman in the center of Myanmar’, submitted to Hau: Journal of Ethnographic Theory in July 2021.





2019    Advanced School for the Social Sciences Southeast Asia Centre Research Seminar – ‘Beyond the village headman: An historical anthropology of authority in the centre of Myanmar’ [in French], February.

2018    University of Copenhagen Department of Food and Resource Economics Myanmar Seminar – ‘Land (re)allocation or land exclusion? 69 acres disputed in Maubin Township (Ayeyarwady Delta)’, June.

2017    National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations Southeast Asia Centre Research Seminar – ‘The land issue in Burma: historical background and current issues’ [in French], February.

2017    Advanced School for the Social Sciences Southeast Asia Centre Senior Seminar – ‘The legitimation of big men in central Myanmar. Village affairs and power relations in a Buddhist context' [in French], May.

2015    French Institute of Myanmar Public Conference – ‘The forgotten village. The negotiated local land governance in Myanmar central dry zone’, November.





Seminars Organized

2019    Co-Convenor. ‘Diversity of non-market transactions and dynamics of social relationships in Southeast Asia’ [in French]. Series of three seminars held over two years (2018-19), with approximately 40 participants, 12 presentations, leading to the submission of a Special Issue in Moussons. Funding was gained from the Southeast Asia Centre and the French National Institute for Sustainable Development. April and December 2018, February 2019.


Papers Presented

2019    ‘Bargain the past and craft your way: On being a village headman in contemporary Myanmar’, Presented at the panel ‘New Persons in Southeast Asia’, at EuroSEAS 2019 Conference, at the Humboldt University, September.

2019    ‘Doubt and trust: Crafting village headship in the centre of Myanmar’, Presented at the panel ‘Trust’, at Myanmar Update 2019: Living with Myanmar, at the Australian National University, March.

2017    ‘Headman dilemmas in central Myanmar’, Presented at the panel ‘Rural Transformations’, at the Interdisciplinary Myanmar Conference, at the Department of Southeast Asian Studies of Bonn University, June.

2017    ‘On the peculiarities of inheritance transmission (amwei) in central Myanmar. A case’, Presented at the panel ‘Circulation and Kinship’, at Singleton Symposium 2017, Social Bonding: Circulation of Goods, People, and Capital, at the Université Catholique de Louvain, May.

2016    ‘What is local politics in Burmese heartland? An anthropology of village headman’ (s)election in Myanmar central Dry Lands’, Presented at the panel ‘Local Politics and Justice in Myanmar’, at 12th International Burma Studies Conference (Traditions and Challenges), at the Northern Illinois University, October.






2017    ‘One day with Ko Kyaw, four years of headship’, paper presented at the Land Institute Postgraduates Lecture Series, University of Montpellier, October.

2017    ‘Whose village affairs? The making of lu-gyi legitimacy in Myanmar central countryside’, paper presented at the Oxford-SOAS Postgraduates workshop, St Anthony College, May.

2015    ‘The politics of land governance in central Myanmar: the regulation of local land conflicts’, paper presented at the Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen, September.

2015    ‘A common land in the village : Trajectory and conflits Une terre publique dans le village. Trajectoire et conflits over a land in central Myanmar’ [in French], paper presented at the Postgraduates Lecture Series, Laboratoire Population Environnement Développement, University of Aix-Marseille, March.





Vice-President, European Association for Southeast Asian Studies, 2020-present.

Board member, Association Française pour la Recherche sur l’Asie du Sud-Est, 2018-present.

Reviewer for Journal of Burma Studies (since 2020).



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