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Vanina Bouté

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North Laos




  • PhD in Ethnology, Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, 5th section, Paris, 2005.
  • DEA(Diplôme d’études avancées—Advanced Graduate Degree) in Ethnology, Université Paris-X Nanterre, 1999.
  • Master’s in Ethnology, Université Paris-X Nanterre(fieldwork in Bolivia), 1998.
  • Master’s in French Literature, Université Paris-III / Bachelor’s in Ethnology, Université Paris-X Nanterre, 1996.

Professional experience

  • Associate Professor at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne, School of Philosophy, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sociology Department.
  • CNRS research fellowship at the IRASEC (Institut de recherche sur l’Asie du Sud-Est—Research Institute on Southeast Asia, Umifre 22 CNRS/MAEE), 2012-2014.

Research Areas

  • Anthropology of social change and transformations (inter-ethnic relations, migratory phenomena and logics of mobility, integration in urban milieus)
  • Political and religious anthropology (transformations to systems of representations of space and power in multi-ethnic contexts, conversion phenomena, anthropology of Buddhism)


Research Projects Underway

  • Member of the European project entitled PCRD-FP7 “SEATIDE”Integration in Southeast Asia: Trajectories of Inclusion, Dynamics of Exclusion, (SEATIDE) headed up by the Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient(2012-2016).


Work Groups

  • Societies in Flux: Radicalities and Resiliencies
  • Old and New Elites in Southeast Asia





  • Associate Professor at the Université de Picardie Jules Verne, School of Philosophy, Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology.
  • co-organization (with Claire Tran, Rémy Madinier, and Jérôme Samuel) of the CASE seminar (EHESS), “Anciennes et nouvelles élites en Asie du Sud-Est : statuts, pouvoirs, légitimités et concurrences” (2015-2016).
  • co-organization (with Béatrice David, Yves Goudineau, and Denis Vidal) of the EHESS seminar, “Anthropologie comparée à partir de l’Asie du Sud-Est” (2015-2016).
  • 1st year Master’s-level courses: “Anthropologie du tourisme et développement en Asie”; “Anthropologie économique et éco-développement”, Department of Sociology, Université de Picardie


Administrative and research-related responsibilities

  • Elected member of the CASE Executive Council
  • Member of the CNU (Conseil National des UniversitésNational Council of Universities), 20th section (2011-2015).
  • Member of the Moussonseditorial review boards, CNRS-Université de Provence(since 2008).



Authored and edited books

  • Vanina Bouté and Khampeng Onessa (in press, 2016), Phovatsaat kweng Phongsaly [History of the Phongsaly province, in Lao], Vientiane: Ministère de la Culture et de l’Information.
  • Vanina Bouté and Vatthana Pholsena (eds.) (forthcoming, 2016) -Changing Lives. New Perspectives on Society, Politics, and Culture in Laos, Singapore: National University Singapore Press.
  • Vanina Bouté and Vatthana Pholsena (eds.), 2012 -Sociétés et pouvoirs au Laos contemporain, Paris: IRASEC- Les Indes Savantes.
  • Vanina Bouté, 2011 -En miroir du pouvoir. Les Phounoy du Nord Laos : ethnogenèse et dynamiques d’intégration. Paris: Ecole française d’Extrême Orient.


  • 2016 (forthcoming) –“Une double légitimation du pouvoir aux marches du royaume de Luang Prabang,” Péninsule, No. 70, 17 p.
  • 2016 (forthcoming) –“Reaching the Cities. New Forms of Network and Social Differentiation in Northern Laos,” in V. Bouté and V. Pholsena, Changing Lives. New Perspectives on Society, Politics, and Culture in Laos, Singapore: NUS Press, 22 p.
  • 2016 (forthcoming) – “New Paths of Work at the Lao-Chinese Border. From Self-Subsistence Agriculture in the Highlands to Wage Labor for Cash Crops Companies to the Lowlands,” in M. Alcano and S. Vignato (eds.), Work, Access to Work and the Circulation of Workers in Southeast Asia, Chiang Mai: Silkorm Books, 25 p.
  • 2015- “An Ethnohistory of Highland Societies in Laos,” Journal of Lao Studies, 2, pp. 54-76.
  • 2015- Entries on “Laos. Emigration,” “Laos. Immigration,” in Dictionnaire géohistorique des migrations internationales, Gildas Simon (ed.), Paris: Armand Colin, pp. 724-728.
  • 2015- (withS. Daviau) “Laos. Entre stagnation économique et pérennité du pouvoir politique,” in A. Pesses and F. Robinne ed., L’Asie du Sud-Est 2015. Bilan, enjeux et perspectives, Bangkok: IRASEC, pp. 187-202.
  • 2013 - “Mobilities and the Restructuring of the Population within the Trans-Border Areas in Northern Laos,” in C. Taillard & N. Fau (eds.), Transnational Dynamics and Territorial Redefinitions in Southeast Asia: The Greater Mekong Subregion and Malacca Strait Economic Corridors, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, pp. 397-418.
  • 2012- “Introduction,” in V. Bouté and V. Pholsena (eds.), Laos. Sociétés et pouvoirs, Paris: IRASEC-Les Indes Savantes, pp. 9-14.
  • 2012- “Migrations paysannes et villes émergentes au Nord Laos,” in V. Bouté and V. Pholsena (eds.), Laos. Sociétés et pouvoirs, Paris: IRASEC-Les Indes Savantes, pp. 117-138.
  • 2012- “Des ancêtres aux esprits du lieu : centralisation politique et évolution des rituels collectifs dans le Nord Laos,” in Moussons, No. 19, pp. 91-110.
  • 2011 - “Ritual Restructurings of New Year Ceremonies in Northern Laos,” in P. Williams & P. Ladwig (eds.), Buddhist Funeral Cultures of Southeast Asia and China, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 99-118.
  • 2010- “Names and Territoriality among the Phounoy: How the State Creates Ethnic Group (Lao PDR),” in C. Culas and F. Robinne (eds.), Inter-Ethnic Dynamics in Asia. Considering the Other through Ethnonyms, Territories and Rituals, London: Routledge, pp. 79-99.
  • 2007 – “Political Hierarchical Processes among Some Highlanders of Laos,” in M. Sadan and F. Robinne eds, Changing or Exchanging? Dynamics of Transformation among the Highlanders of Southeast Asia, Brill: Leiden, pp. 187-208.
  • 2006– “Empowerment through Acculturation: Forgetting and Contesting the Past among the Phunoy in Northern Laos,” Southeast Asia Research, vol. 14, No. 3, SOAS, University of London, pp. 431-443.

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